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Neil Patel Feature - 10+ Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Startups

Date published: 6/29/2016

Startups begin with an idea, but lack deep financial resources. They are, therefore, reluctant to spend money on something as basic as keyword research. Bootstrapped owners use the free Google’s Keyword Planner, check around with their potential customers for keywords, and write down any keyword that they brainstorm.

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Special Guest Aaron Orendorff: 10 Ecommerce Tips So Actionable and Authoritative You’ll Feel Like You’re Cheating

Date published: 6/16/2016

10 Ecommerce Tips So Actionable and Authoritative You’ll Feel Like You’re Cheating When it comes to ecommerce, there’s no shortage of best practice principles. Just do a quick Google search and on the first page alone you’ll find over 90 “tips” waiting for you: Unfortunately, most of them miss two crucial elements.

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The Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Debt

Date published: 5/2/2016

The worst four-letter word when it comes to your small business should be “debt.” Nothing can keep you awake at night and hold you back from your business’s true potential like being in debt. If you have a habit of covering expenses on the company credit card, or are taking out more and more loans to make ends meet, chances are you should be refocusing your efforts on being debt-free and not purchasing the plush commodities you’ve always wanted as a business owner.

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8 Habits Hurting Your Productivity

Date published: 3/29/2016

Everyone knows that productive habits make for a productive life. Do something every day for 30 days, and it becomes ingrained, gradually getting easier each time because of the hours you have invested.

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