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5 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Improve Your Customer Relationships

As social media continues to grow in importance for businesses of all types, Twitter in particular is especially interesting. It is responsive, dynamic and casual while also being highly connective and adaptive. It allows for good customer relations, market research and many other benefits for sharing your brand and improving your business. 

Although Twitter as a platform may be foreign to some folks, it is easy to use and an innovative way to build positive relationships with your customers. A well-run company Twitter account is a great way to connect with people, no matter what business you are in.

As Social Media Examiner reported, Twitter has inherent benefits that other sites like Facebook or LinkedIn do not offer. Setting up a Twitter page is a free, real-time marketing tool that is crucial for maintaining good customer relationships.

Brand Loyalty
By engaging in social media, and in particular Twitter, businesses have a way of connecting with regular people in more intimate and less intrusive ways. Unlike a television ad or company website, an informative tweet from your business' Twitter profile is fun and engaging. Suddenly your message becomes shareable and exciting, and the barrier between what is entertainment and what is marketing is blurred.

The best Twitter accounts are proactive and responsive, tweeting in real-time in a way that better connects to regular people and customers. For example, when the lights went out in Super Bowl 48 back in 2013, Oreo utilized twitter to powerful ends.

This tweet was immensely popular and suddenly folks across the country weren't just talking about football. They were talking about Oreos. Within an hour, the image was retweeted 12,000 times and viewed by millions of eyeballs. 

Huge sums of money are spent each year in Super Bowl television ads, and yet with a single tweet Oreo was able to dominate the advertising headlines. In fact, Oreo put out it's own Super Bowl ad that year, although odds are most folks can't remember it at all.

A single tweet can go a long way toward building brand familiarity and loyalty, but to really maximize the power of Twitter, your business will need more than just one well-placed post.

Another reason Twitter is such a powerful tool to connect with customers is that it can be used to build a dynamic identity for your business and brand, according to Convince and Convert. Instead of a static "About Us" section on your company's website, posting on Twitter is an enduring way to show what your business is all about.

Twitter is a means of sharing helpful information about your business and also promoting messages and building networks. Your customers can learn a lot about your business through who your company follows on social media and what types of people you engage with. A strong social network is a way to establish yourself within a certain community and also play a part as a thought leader and major contributor. 

Overall, customers can learn a great deal about your business from your company's Twitter page, and that can leave a lasting impression. Twitter and social media can be well-integrated with your company's website to build a web portfolio and build a lasting brand.

Many consumers today want more from businesses. They want their favorite brands to be personable, socially conscious and relatable, and Twitter is a great tool for serving those ends.

The content and manner in which your company tweets says a lot about your business, and can be used to do more than provide information or promotional content. Like Oreo's tweet, there is a way to show personalty on Twitter that other forums can't match.

Convince and Convert reported that it can be beneficial for management and executives to tweet along with an official business account. This shows that the company doesn't just have a savvy social media campaign, but instead is run by people with their own persona and charm. 

It would be inappropriate for Apple to tweet about a specific sports team in such personable terms, but by using his own account, Tim Cook is making the business seem more relatable and friendly. 

As the Atlantic pointed out, a single tweet has limited returns in terms of engagement, although that isn't to say that tweeting can't drive web traffic to your company's site. More accurately, Twitter is a crowded space, and for that reason reaching your audience takes more than just a single tweet.

A well-run Twitter campaign is a good way to drive traffic over time, but it is also a way for folks to interact and engage with your brand in a less formal setting. Twitter provides analytics tools to capture just how powerful a tweet was in terms of clicks and traffic conversion. At the same time, Twitter is important because it reaches people at different times and different ways than traditional marketing. 

Some accounts interact with followers on Twitter, and a company profile can also be a point of contact for customer service. Either way, Twitter allows your business to interact with customers like no other advertising platform. 

Market research
Twitter has a number of tools that are perfect for studying market trends. Tools like polls and surveys are directly available, according to Ad Week, and Twitter is also set up to make engagement and market research as easy as possible.

Unlike sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, many Twitter users have very open accounts and share opinions and other helpful information. This can be a direct window into how your customers think and feel.

Twitter hashtags also make searching for information easy, and the trending topics feature allows anyone to see what is most important to people at any one time. This means that you can see in real-time what your customers want and what is important to them. With traditional market research it can be hard to get an honest read on how customers think and feel, but with Twitter it is possible to get information straight from the horse's mouth.

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