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6 digital marketing tools that can streamline outreach strategies

As industry trends ebb and flow within the digital marketing realm, many tools become available that promise to increase the performance of your organization's outreach strategies. Despite the fact that all professionals want to maximize the results of their marketing plans, they are often hesitant to implement these new resources. 

According to a ProOpinion poll, just 5 percent of professionals currently use BlitzMetrics, RankWatch and Canva, respectively. About 6 percent of respondents reported using Optimizely, while 8 percent use Crazy Egg and 8 percent use MailChimp. Notably, 91 percent of professionals stated that they don't use any of these digital marketing tools.

Because there are so many programs on the market today, it can be difficult to know which tools could be beneficial to your organization. Here's some useful information about how these six programs could help propel your business forward. 

1. BlitzMetrics 
Once you've established a well-planned marketing strategy, the work has really only just begun. Now, you have to constantly monitor metrics to see if your plan is effectively reaching consumers. Keeping track of these important figures is often easier said than done, especially when you're juggling multiple social media accounts.

"Sync different social media analytics to one page."

That's where BlitzMetrics comes in. This program allows you to sync all your different social media analytics to one page, where you can view performance numbers without having to dig through multiple sites. According to Marketing Tech Blog, BlitzMetrics also provides you with information about who your top followers are and gives advice about how you can tweak your strategy to gain more exposure.

The program highlights posts that performed extremely well, and breaks down why they were so successful, giving you a more concise view of how your product is resonating with various demographics on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram.

2. RankWatch
Anyone who's ever done a quick Google search knows the importance of keywords. Often, you need to rephrase your search statement multiple times in order to yield the kind of results you were looking for. From a marketing perspective, keywords can make or break an outreach strategy. After all, having excellent content means very little if it's not appearing in the first few pages of search results.

It can be hard to pin down words that are searched regularly and also correspond with your product, but RankWatch can help demystify the process of choosing these terms. The system can round up all your keywords and rank them in terms of effectiveness and searchability, while also analyzing your overall website to determine what's working and what needs to be adjusted. Additionally, RankWatch can actually identify "hidden keywords." These are words that appear throughout your site and are gaining you exposure, but they aren't apart of your formal keyword strategy. 

3. Canva 
In this digital age, "Never judge a website by its graphics" has practically replaced "Never judge a book by its cover." And despite the knowledge that interesting, informative content and reliable services are really what matters, people will still close a tab if the site doesn't meet their aesthetic standards.The visual nature of digital marketing can be a challenge to organizations lacking a graphics wiz, but programs like Canva can help transform any website from unappealing to irresistible. 

In addition to helping you transform web pages through fonts, backgrounds and a library of stock images, Canva can also benefit your print strategies. The program can be used to design everything from posters and flyers to event invitations. 

Programs like Canva can act like a digital graphic designer. Programs like Canva can act like a digital graphic designer.

4. Optimizely 
The technical side of marketing can be complicated, but programs like Optimizely help simplify the process of maximizing your website's potential. It was created by former Google project managers, who used their combined knowledge of analytics to create an optimization system that can reduce the time between the creation of a website and the page operating effectively.

Marketing involves a lot of experimentation, but Optimizely strives to reduce this often eternal guessing game. The program uses data and refined formulas to test websites, using the results to offer advice on personalization techniques and targeting solutions. It also provides you with a user-friendly dashboard where you can check up on your page's analytics. 

5. Crazy Egg
Despite its name, there's nothing crazy at all about this effective analytics program. Web Developer David Walsh touted this site as his go-to resource for tracking analytics due to its effective process. First, the program renders a "snapshot" of a given site, which basically serves as a jumping off point.

"Crazy Egg delivers a heat map of your site."

Crazy Egg then runs the snapshot through its formulas and delivers the user a heat map of their existing website, which shows exactly where people click upon arrival. The color-coded map even outlines who referred consumers to your site. For example, it may show that your most prominent call-to-action button receives the most hits. You can zoom in and discover that most of these clicks were from people that discovered your site through Google. This gives marketers a better idea of how customers think and react. 

6. Mail Chimp
Unfortunately, this isn't a program that hires monkeys to deliver your company's snail mail. Fortunately, it's a system that optimizes email marketing, which can often be difficult to manage and maintain.

Mail Chimp lets you schedule automated newsletters, marketing offers, messages and targeted campaigns, but it's really so much more than that. The program lets you customize the emails before they get sent out, and intuitively sends them during peak email-reading hours. It then returns to you with user profiles of people who opened the messages and gives you detailed analytics reports. 

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