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How to attract and hire top talent: Part 2 [Video ]

Hello, and welcome back to our discussion on discovering and retaining the best talent for your organization. Last time, we discussed a LinkedIn survey that revealed modern employers are using a combination of traditional and updated hiring techniques to attract the cream of the crop. Let's explore more of what this study had to say.

Not only are the channels through which companies are hiring changing, but desirable candidate qualities are evolving as well. 80 percent of survey respondents indicated that focusing on aptitude as opposed to hard skills has opened them up to a whole new batch of qualified, dynamic job-seekers. Employers who focus on potential as opposed to experience often have far more positive retention experiences.

Businesses interested in this hiring method can benefit from establishing a recent graduate recruitment program. While new degree holders might not have robust resumes, they often have passion and transferable skills that could propel your organization forward.

Thanks for watching.

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