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How to impress your boss (Video)

Managers are impressed by workers who provide value. The more you know, the more value you can provide.

If you want to study up and impress your boss, there are three sources you should refer to.

First, every company has interior resources. Whether it's a seasoned coworker or a resource in another department, find the people who know more than you and learn from them.

Next, every company has competition. Study other businesses in your industry. Find out what they're doing differently, and see if it applies to your workplace. Refer to competitors in your city, country and beyond.

Finally, look to industry professionals. Subscribe to a magazine or follow a professional in your field on social media. Remember, your boss may be in that category. He'll be impressed if you know what he has to say before it comes up at work.

Impressing your boss is often easier than you think. Check out these 7 easy tips you can leverage to position yourself for a promotion.

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