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Key signs that you may be getting fired

Getting fired is never fun, though it does happen. Firing can lead to stress about finances, poor confidence levels and, of course, the worry of finding a new job. However, there are ways to prevent getting fired from your job. One of the easiest ways to keep from getting fired is to recognize the tell-tale signs that it might happen so that you can change your behavior before it's too late. It's also important not to be paranoid and constantly worry that you will be fired, as that can often affect your performance at work as well. Consider these key signals that you are on your way to getting canned.

"Reach out to your boss or another manager to try and reach a compromise."

You're not reaching your boss's expectations
Of course, sometimes a boss's expectations can be a little too lofty. In these cases, it's important to reach out to your boss or another manager to try and reach a compromise. Other times, you may simply be underperforming or not hitting your goals. Once this happens, it seems to spread. After you displease your boss, he or she may be looking for more ways that you don't meet the bar or list of expectations. For example, if you show up late to work once, your boss may attribute that to laziness or a lack of respect for the office's hours. 

If you recently did not meet your boss's expectations, it is important to do everything in your power to avoid confirming his or her suspicions. Most likely, you know where you may have disappointed your boss, so it's important to be on your best behavior going forward. One Survey Sampling poll asked people about the most important factor for impressing their boss. Approximately 30 percent noted that it was finding solutions to their bosses' biggest problems. So if you've caused a big problem for your boss, it's time to find the solution.

You're work is being reassigned
Regardless of what field you're in, it can be concerning when your work gets passed off to other coworkers. If you notice this happening, you may be in trouble. Bosses usually reassign work if they feel a performance is lacking elsewhere. So if you are working on a major project and it ends up getting passed off to another employee halfway through the timeline, it may be a sign that your performance isn't the best it can be. The right way to fix this is to approach your boss and ask what you did wrong, so you can fix it in the future. Showing that you are willing to work hard and accept criticism may push you back in the right direction. A good outlook about the whole thing can help too. According to a poll from Survey Sampling, when people were asked what could help them grow professionally, 48 percent noted that it all came down to a positive attitude.

Sometimes reaching out to your boss can help resolve a glaring issue.Sometimes reaching out to your boss can help resolve a glaring issue.

The invites have gone by the wayside
Sometimes word can get around if you have not been meeting the company expectations. When this happens, you may get a cold shoulder from a lot of people in the office. You might not get the invite to happy hour or lunch outside of the office anymore, or people may simply not be saying hi to you in the hallways. While it may be concerning to get this reaction from coworkers, it could be even more problematic if you get this from your boss. If your communication with your boss used to be upbeat and friendly and has now shifted to irritable or quiet, this can be a sign that you're on the chopping block. Of course, it's important not to read into things too much. If you sense that people aren't as friendly one day or another, it might not be time to think you're on your way to getting fired. However, if it has been several weeks and your social interactions only seem to be diminishing, there may be a problem. One way to get back to your old place socially is to reach out directly to a few coworkers and invite them to lunch, or even better, ask your boss. You may be able to find out what went wrong before it's too late. 

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