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Tips for running successful startup businesses

Hello, and welcome back to our series on how you can build the best team possible to grow your startup. At this stage of your business's development, having the right employees is absolutely essential, so let's take a look at how to secure the right staff.

Once you've gotten some leads on potential candidates, thoroughly check all of their references. You want to make sure you're taking on people who will help your company make more money, not who will cost you extra cash when they turn out not to be a good fit. Ask former employers about specific projects or achievements candidates cite in their resumes so you can get an idea of their qualifications.

You should also involve all existing staff members in the hiring process. Because startup teams are small and close-knit, you need to make sure new workers will fit in well with company culture.

Thanks for watching and make sure to check out part one if you missed it.

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