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What is your team looking for in a leader?

If you hold a leadership position, you strive every day to be the kind of head your team wants to work under. You also play many roles, however. Forbes magazine noted that today's modern manager is usually responsible for everything from recruiting, hiring and training to directing, disciplining and reporting. Wearing so many different hats means you need to divide your attention, which can take your focus away from strong leadership. If you find your mind straying from your central duty, use these top leadership characteristics to help you perform and satisfy your team. 

According to Inc. magazine, leaders should have a thorough understanding of company structure, culture and their roles within those larger frameworks. The source explained that leaders should present themselves as separate from their larger teams, not to establish an air of superiority, but to occupy a space of power, knowledge and respect. 

Service mentality 
Of course, the workers you hire are there to support your role, but you are also expected to be a great source of support for theirs. Bad leaders expect their teams to carry them, to pick up on their slack and to take on the least desirable responsibilities. Good leaders, however, take time to figure out how they can serve their teams, explained Forbes magazine. The source noted that strong leaders put time and energy into clearing obstacles, eradicating distractions, squashing political feuds, discovering resources and regulating processes. You must provide your workers with plenty of guidance and assistance for doing their jobs in order to focus on doing your own.

industry trends A good leader wears many hats.

Ability to forge relationships 
Yes, you oversee a large amount of employees. This doesn't mean you need to act in a stiff, disconnected manner toward them to retain a sense of respect. In fact, you workers will like you more if you work on having more positive interactions with them. A study done by DDIO explained that many leaders don't have healthy manager/employee relationships with their workers. This can take a serious toll on employees, many of whom measure their success based on their connections to their superiors.

"60 percent of people said their bosses damaged their self-esteem."

According to the study, 60 percent of respondents indicated that their bosses damaged their self-esteem. Many respondents also noted that their managers weren't very productive or helpful when discussing problems, which actually made them somewhat fearful of their leaders. In fact, the majority of respondents answered the question "What do you dread the most?" with "Having a difficult conversation with my boss." That was the top response, beating out options like "receiving a parking ticket," "having a cold," "paying taxes" and "having a bad hangover."

Passion really is the one thing you can't fake. If audience members have a hard time believing certain on-screen romances are real because the actors lack chemistry, your employees can quickly figure out whether or not you're passionate about your career. Forbes explained that workers want to feel like their building something important, and that their leader is guiding them to greatness. In order to satisfy this employee wish, you need to act with conviction, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, and always be excited about industry trends. 

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