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Why marketers should focus on gaining email subscribers

It's no secret that having an effective email strategy is vital to the overall success of any marketing plan. This personalized way of contacting potential consumers is routinely touted as the top way to gain exposure, and as a result, customer loyalty. 

Like many aspects of the marketing world, however, sending out emails is easier said than done. This is largely due to the vast number of different types of emails your organization could be issuing. It's often not enough to simply automate a number of generic marketing offers - you need to spend time crafting messages that are appropriate for your product and your audience. For many companies, email is used as a tool to gain and maintain website subscribers, driving more traffic to their pages and building a devoted consumer base. 

According to a recent ProOpinion poll, 22 percent of marketers send out subscription or sign-up-to-website emails, while 15 percent send automated responses to website visits. About 13 percent use email to remind consumers when their subscriptions are due for renewal, while 10 percent  send emails to contact lapsed customers. About 39 percent of marketers do not send any of these emails, but these professionals may want to reevaluate their outreach strategies. 

Your emails need to stand out among the rest in order to gain subscribers. Your emails need to stand out among the rest in order to gain subscribers.

Why you should seek out subscribers 
Despite a growing notion that email is a communicative tool of the past, it's truly one of the most prominent and relevant industry trends out there today. WP Beginner explained that because of email's ubiquity and near constant rate of use, it's the simplest way to reach consumers on a personal level. Despite the rise of social media, businesses shouldn't place all their focus on reaching customers via Twitter and Facebook. They should still be attempting to build a list of email subscribers

"Email is inherently personal."

The source explained that unlike Tweets or Facebook posts, which are put up publicly, email is inherently personal - each person receives a message straight to his or her inbox. Many email blast systems even allow marketers to use customer information to further individualize messages, which creates a sense of intimacy that's necessary for brand loyalty. Additionally, offering email subscriptions lets you zero in on serious customers, as these offers typically require people to sign up and confirm their email addresses. 

Email subscriptions also encourage communication between the organization and the consumer, noted WP Beginner. Public online spaces, like social media pages or forums, often discourage people from responding to posts due to sheer visibility. Social sites also seem impersonal, prompting customers to believe that they won't receive answers for questions they pose in these settings. Email is direct, however, and many consumers feel comfortable using subscription messages as methods of direct communication between themselves and organizations. 

How to lengthen your email list 
The benefits of issuing regular emails to subscribers is clear, but building a loyal list can be difficult. Nearly every business offers some type of subscription service, so many people are wary of releasing their addresses, afraid to receive a constantly clogged inbox in return. Because consumers can be choosy, it's important that the quality of your offers stands out among the rest. 

Kissmetrics explained that a crucial part of gaining subscribers is making it simple for people to enter their email addresses. Consider designing your messages so that the "enter your email" call-to-action is pre-filled with the consumer's address. If all people need to do is click "enter," they'll be far more receptive to joining your list of subscribers.

It's also a good idea to add a prompt that lets people forward your subscription offer to friends and family members. If people see value in signing themselves up for your marketing emails, they're likely ready to recommend your service to others. This is a simple and effortless way to gain exposure and expand your list. 

"Offer special deals to new subscribers."

For businesses just starting to build a loyal consumer base, it's smart to offer special deals to new subscribers. For example, offer 20 percent off the next purchase, or send a free gift to people who elect to receive regular emails. This strategy can be extremely low-cost and high-reward when implemented correctly, as it introduces people to your products while presenting your brand as friendly and approachable. 

Digital Telepathy noted that clarity is key when it comes to the strategy and content of your emails. Being transparent with customers is essential for creating trust, but many organizations continue to disguise their true intentions in complicated, alienating messages and outreach plans. When you prompt users to sign up, include information about what they will be receiving, whether it's a daily newsletter with blog updates or weekly messages outlining current sales or new products. The actual content of your emails should be aesthetically appealing, easy to read and simple to understand. People appreciate straightforwardness, so being upfront with your intentions will be attractive. 

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