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Why selecting the right email provider is crucial to your business

Although business trends are constantly evolving, email has been the central medium of professional communication for many years. Because email is universally accepted, easy to organize and efficient, this form of correspondence will likely remain the professional standard for the foreseeable future. In this technologically advanced age, simply having an email address is not enough, however. Choosing the right domain provider is essential for crafting your organization's unique image in addition to providing you with reliable service. 

Why is email so important?
PC Advisor explained that most people think of email addresses like they would houses. You secure one, and unless there are any major problems, you stick with it forever. It's better to view email like your home's heating system, however. It might be cutting-edge when you acquire it, but in a few years a more impressive model might come along, and you should switch to keep your household running efficiently. 

Your email address is the backbone of you business. It's not only attached to your name, but to your organization's name as well. Online business educator Tuts+ reported that it is the most preferred medium among business professionals, beating out snail mail, text messages and even highly-praised social media platforms.

About 91 percent of people check their email accounts everyday, while most people can expect to spend 25 percent of their working lives reading and responding to emails, revealed the source. Almost 80 percent of people between the ages of 15 and 44 check their smartphones right when they wake up, and the No.1 action they perform is checking their email accounts, personal and professional. This means that whatever your email address is, it's being viewed by clients, consumers and business partners at the beginning of every day.

Additionally, email is where the exchange of important, often sensitive information takes place. Choosing a provider known for security breaches could discourage people from doing business with you and allow personal data to be accessed by hackers.

Many smartphone users check their emails right when they wake up.Many smartphone users check their emails right when they wake up.

What provider should your business choose?
Because email is so ubiquitous, there are plenty of service providers to choose from, but not every brand is right for every company. Some older providers can be seen as antiquated, while lesser-known brands might cause people to route your emails to their spam folders. But just because a domain is popular doesn't necessarily mean it's safe and efficient. 

An ProOpinion Poll revealed that, among the biggest email domains, 40 percent of professionals chose to use Gmail, Google's email service. About 12 percent reported using Microsoft Outlook, while 6 percent used America Online. Apple iCloud was the provider of choice for 2 percent of respondents, while fewer than 1 percent of professionals chose GMX Mail. Around 10 percent of people used email domains not offered by the survey.

"Yahoo! recently encountered legal troubles."

Notably, 30 percent of respondents reported using Yahoo!, a highly employed email domain with a household name. Yahoo! recently encountered legal troubles, however, when it was revealed that in October 2011 the company allegedly looked at emails sent to its users from people with non-Yahoo! email accounts. The BBC reported that Yahoo! opened these emails, including their attachments, to provide more targeted advertisements on its site.

The source noted that since 80 percent of the company's revenue for 2014 came from search-and-display advertising, this was likely an attempt from Yahoo! to boost profit via its 275 million email subscribers. A judge ruled that anyone who sent or received emails through Yahoo! on Oct. 2, 2011 may choose to sue the organization as a group. 

While transmitting information in a digital format always comes with certain cybersecurity risks, your organization should feel comfortable using email as a tool to exchange important data. Research a number of domains before deciding which is right for your organization. 

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