In connection with your participation in ProOpinion’s refer-a-friend program, ProOpinion requires that you comply with and abide by the following terms:

1. You must clearly, conspicuously, and fully disclose and communicate: (i) any material connection that you have with ProOpinion, and/or (ii) any incentive or reward that you will receive in connection with ProOpinion’s Refer-a-Friend program. Please see the following examples:


(a)    If you will receive any incentive for an individual signing up for an ProOpinion survey panel in connection with ProOpinion’s refer-a-friend program, you must disclose this incentive to your friend.


(b)    If you are posting a link or content connected to ProOpinion’s Refer-a-Friend program on any social media platform, you must disclose any incentive that you will receive for someone signing up, to join an ProOpinion survey panel in connection with ProOpinion’s refer-a-friend program.


(c)    If you are employed by ProOpinion or have any other material connection to or with ProOpinion, you should communicate and disclose such material connection in connection with your promotion of ProOpinion’s Refer-A-Friend program.

     2. If you are sharing content, material, and/or links provided to you by ProOpinion to promote ProOpinion’s Refer-A-Friend program, you hereby expressly agree that you will not alter, modify, manipulate, or change any of the ProOpinion provided content, material, and/or links.


     3. ProOpinion prefers that you utilize the sharing functionality provided by ProOpinion for sharing any content, material, and/or links related to ProOpinion’s Refer-A-Friend program. Utilizing the ProOpinion provided sharing functionality will ensure that the individuals to whom you communicate ProOpinion’s Refer-A-Friend program receive accurate and complete information on ProOpinion’s Refer-A-Friend program. ProOpinion hereby expressly disclaims, AND YOU ARE SOLELY LIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE FOR, any and all liability and responsibility for any language, terms, or content that you add in regards to ProOpinion’s Refer-A-Friend program content, materials and/or links.